TwoFaceMall Review


Overall: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
Ordering from TwoFaceMall was quick and easy! The layout is really user friendly and the process is pretty straight forward. You get free samples with every order and shipping is free. However you do have to pay an extra $3.50 if you want a tracking number and some of their products cost more compared to other Korean cosmetic sellers.


Selection: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
TwoFaceMall has a wide selection of Korean cosmetics (and the occasional Japanese brand), but it does no have all the products available for each brand. It mainly has popular products that people already know about which is good, but if you’re looking for a more obscure product (even if it’s from a popular brand) you probably won’t find it. Items on sale also go fast. If you see a cheap product on sale, a week later it might be sold out for good.


Price: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
All of the prices are quite reasonable, but not all of the prices are the cheapest you can get each item. If you want the absolute best deal it’s best to go shopping around. Some of their products, however, are the cheapest compared to other shops (especially if they’re on sale) so I wouldn’t rule them out!


Shipping: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
My favorite part of TwoFaceMall is their free shipping. There are no minimums or maximums. Everything that you buy is eligible for free shipping. If you want tracking it will cost an extra $3.50, it’s still cheaper than most shipping, but it’s something to keep in mind. On the plus side, if you order $75+ worth of items you get a tracking number for free, so consider doing a group order with friends!


*I am not being sponsored or endorsed by TwoFaceMall and this is an unbiased review.

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