White Tennis Skirt Review (AliExpress)

After seeing dozens of photos of girls in white tennis skirts, I knew that it was this year’s must have summer piece. From Korea to Japan, the United Kingdom to the United States, everyone is wearing this new staple piece from American Apparel. But at $54 ($64 if you opt for the cute tartan version) it’s far from affordable for most people, namely me. 0006

When this happens, the first thing I do is check Ebay for a dupe, but I was out of luck. The cheapest faux American Apparel skirt was $26 and I was not ready to pay that much for a knock off that would take 4-8 weeks to arrive. I had already thought of all the ways I could make a white tennis skirt match my wardrobe, so at this point I absolutely had to have it. Getting desperate, I opted to try finding it on AliExpress. 0001 Now I know for a lot of people there are red alarms going off in their heads right now. “AliExpress? That’s the one place you don’t want to buy from!” And if I hadn’t bought this skirt, I would be agreeing with you. I tried purchasing from AliExpress before but my purchase ended up being denied by Chase and it took me a week to get my money back into my account (~$200). But like I said, I had to have this skirt. 0018

I ended up searching “tennis skirt” and organizing the search so that only top reviewed products by highly rated shops would be displayed. If I was going the shady route, I had to protect myself a little right? 0017

It was so worth it.

I looked through several tennis skirt product entries and finally settled on buying the one from Clothing / Accessories Supermarket because of their 99.0% approval rating an fonly $12.99 I was able to get an almost perfect dupe! The product entry for the skirt displays several of the stock photos from American Apparel along with the different skirt variations and close ups of the fabric and quality of the product.

Overall: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
This skirt is honestly the best quality dupe I’ve ever received from a China based online shop. Buying it has changed my entire opinion of Aliexpress! 0015 My only problems with the product are the color (not really a problem more like a blessing in disguise!) and some marks on the fabric.

(Please note that for the rest of the review the photos on the right are provided by the shop and the photos on the left are my own.)


Fit: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
I ordered the skirt in the smallest size it comes in: XS. I have an incredibly small waist (22″), and their listing says that it should fit a 23.75″ waist perfectly. Given that it was around 2″ too big for me, I feel like that’s accurate. I might tailor this skirt myself and get rid of an entire pleat to make it fit me perfectly, but even without tailoring, it fits pretty well. I always have a problem filling out skirts that don’t have an elastic band so it’s not really the skirt’s fault! 0010 My favorite part about this skirt is the length. It’s not too short and not too long. 0023


Quality: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
Structure wise, this skirt is perfect. The fabric used is thick and the pleats are perfectly ironed. However when looking at the details there are are few things that are off. For example, throughout the front of my skirt there are little bumps that look like something scratched the surface, and in some places the hemming jumps a centimeter. A closer inspection of the skirt also reveals that it’s slightly sheer. Not enough that you’ll flash everyone with your underwear, but sheer enough that I felt a bit awkward wearing it for the first time. Good thing I always wear pajamas or biker shorts underneath my skirts. 0019 Besides those little mistakes, I realized that the skirt wasn’t actually a pure white, but a Crayola baby powder white. This can be seen in the contrast between the pure white button and the rest of the fabric. Although I was expecting a pure white, I’m not disappointed. I was hesitant in buying something in a pure white because I’m more suited to warmer shades of white, and this was a pleasant surprise.


Price: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
I think I’ve already made it clear how amazing I think the price of this skirt is! While $13 can be a little expensive for some people (broke college students like me 0006), I think that it’s honestly a great deal. Forever 21 has skirts that range anywhere from $10 to $30, and while it’s my favorite shop, the quality isn’t that great. However this skirt fits on the lower end of the spectra and the quality is a lot better than anything you could find there. I’m the type of person that loves to brag about bargains and trust me, I’ve been bragging about this deal a lot! 0010


Shipping: tumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2ptumblr_inline_mxmevlH2dM1rr7f2p
I had a lot of beef with my USPS guy for messing up my delivery and getting this skirt to me late, but that’s completely on him 0026 and not the company I bought this skirt from. 0023 Shipping was not only free (words I love to hear), but compared to Ebay the shipping time was a lot quicker! Usually products from Ebay take one to two months to arrive at my house, but this skirt only took two weeks. I was so excited when my package tracker said it was in Brooklyn… and so upset when my delivery man decided to not ring the bell or knock on the door before deciding that no one was home and leaving a redelivery slip… Can you tell I’m angry? LOL But regardless of my USPS troubles, shipping was fast and free!


In addition to this skirt I also bought a few more things off AliExpress so please look forward to my reviews of those! Tomorrow I will be posting a white tennis skirt style post for those of you that already own one of these beauties, and sometime this week or early next week I’ll be posting a style video onto my youtube! Like always, this review was not sponsored by Clothing / Accessories Supermarket, but I did notify them that I was going to use their product in a review. If you’re interested in buying this skirt yourself, here’s a link to the product on AliExpress. Tell me if you bought one so we can become outfit twins!

If you enjoyed this review and want more please like this post~ 0021 I’d also love to hear what you would wear a white tennis skirt with!

Finally, a big thank you to my friend Emily for giving me the motivation to write this post. You guys can read her blog at http://norepeatsorhesitations.com.

6 thoughts on “White Tennis Skirt Review (AliExpress)

  1. hello love your post and I also got a aa tennis skirt from aliexpress and it is legit the exact same thing as the real one i saw in store its amazing quality and i only got it for $12.34 and it was epacket shipping so it came in like 9 days. I left the link just in case you want to get other colors. this probs seems like a sponsored thing lmao


    1. I linked to mine too!! They’re actually so lovely! The more the merrier! I think it’s great to share these links because fashion shouldn’t have to break the bank. 🙂 ❤


  2. This skirt is so cute I wanted to buy this one from AA in navy or black but now I’m thinking about just buying the dupe from Aliexpress, I mean it’s soo affordable omg! haha. I just hope it’s not going to be too short for me T__T And gurl, your waist is extremely small o.o! I envy you! Thanks alot for this review! ^-^*


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a very tiny person!!!! I think I look taller in pictures when not compared to other people, but I’m actually 5’0 so I just have the regular sizes of a 12 y/o ;A;

      Thank you so much for reading my review!!!!! I’m also thinking about posting a tutorial on how you can sew your own american apparel dupe if anyone is interested!!! ^u^


  3. high five for having a small waist of 22″! i have such a time hard time buying skirts online since they always seem to be big on me ;-; but i’m glad i’m not the only one!^-^


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