White Tennis Skirt

I don’t buy into trends very often, but when I started seeing white tennis skirts popping up everywhere, I knew I had to have one. Not only would it add some variety to my Spring / Summer wardrobe which mainly consists of denim shorts, but it would also give me more chances to wear more creative outfits this Fall / Winter.  My prediction is that this skirt isn’t just a passing trend. It’s here to stay.

Tumblr user badluckbydnei rocks her skirt with a crop top and platform shoes, creating a look that’s perfect for both warm and cool weather.

As a piece that will probably become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, here are some ideas on how to make sure you get the most wear out of your skirt.

Right now my favorite thing to wear with my tennis skirt is a crop top. Black and white are obvious color choices, but for a pop of color try a deep burgundy or evergreen. Matching it with a sleeveless crop top is great for the summer, but as fall approaches try trading out a sleeveless top for a 3/4th sleeve like tumblr user badluckbydnei or adding a jacket or cardigan.

If crop tops aren’t your thing and you want to go for a more feminine look, try pairing your skirt with a bandeau or bustier. For this look I’d favor pastel colors, floral patterns, and lace.

For an edgy look you can also pair your skirt with mesh top and exposed bra. If you want to go for a sporty look you can wear your favorite jersey or match it with some striped knee highs.

Summer won’t last forever, and when the temperature finally drops you don’t have to pack away this skirt. The pleated look looks great with sweaters creating a preppy college look.

Since winter is the season for layering, my favorite thing to do with sweaters is to wear fun collared shirts with crazy patterns underneath.

Shoe wise, the possibilities are endless, but my personal favorites are black and white platforms and mode styled heels.

How would you wear a tennis skirt? I’d love to know in the comments! ❤

6 thoughts on “White Tennis Skirt

  1. I’m so happy this look is finally back- I have a ton of these from when I used to play tennis in school! I never thought these would work anywhere else but on the greens, but I like how they’ve become trendy, I always thought they looked smart!


    1. I’ve been waiting for pleated skirts like these to go main stream too! Gives me an excuse to reuse some of my old uniform skirts from the middle school days hehe


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