Thotful Summer Collection


(Photography by Josh Renaud)

This past week has honestly been the highlight of my summer. On Saturday one of my closest friends, Josh, came from Canada to visit New York, and while I tease him a lot about being an overgrown moose, I really enjoy spending time with him and the #squad. Just like the first time he visited, I was forced to eat at a bunch of different restaurants (what a pain 0019). It was terrible for my wallet, but I’m really going to miss eating out! I really wish I remembered to take photographs because it was all so delicious. tumblr_inline_mjs07fiaAm1qdlkyg  Although he’s leaving tomorrow, it was was really great being able to spend time with him and Helen while I could.

While he was visiting, we were able to do a small photoshoot in the DUMBO area. I feel like I owe him a public apology for laughing so hard and making stupid faces because all the photographs he sent me had the same pouting expression. A lot of the blame was mine, but the whole time Helen was making weird poses behind him. Every time I got complimented I ended up bursting into laughter too (I guess I’m not used to him being nice! LOL). 0006 Even though I wasn’t on my best behavior, I really do love the photos he took of me. You can see some of his work on his website ( Not only did he take amazing photos, but he also decided to come up with this week’s blog post title. 0007

The Thotful Summer Collection (outfit??) is brought to you by Joshua Renaud and I guess partly by Drake. I’m wearing a denim shirt and black platform high tops from H&M, a mesh top from Express, shorts I bought on AliExpress (will review soon!), lace socks I got off Ebay, and a black messenger/briefcase bag by Gianfranco Ferre.

This summer I’ve really loved layering my denim shirt on top of various outfits. It’s been incredibly chilly so I’ve been using it to keep me warm, but when it does get hot and sunny, it’s easy to push up the sleeves or tie it around my waist. In addition to the denim shirt, I’ve really been loving my new mesh top from Express. When I saw it on the sale rack I didn’t know if I could pull it off or not, but after shopping at bit at Uniqlo I knew that I had to go back and buy it. It was originally around $38 but I was able to get it for $18! Still a bit expensive for me, but I definitely know that I’ll be wearing it a lot this year. It creates an interesting pattern that looks great when you’re wearing just a bra or bandeau, but it also looks nice when layered on top of, or below, a shirt by adding a little bit of texture to something that would otherwise be plain.

What have been your staple pieces this summer? What piece of clothing in your closet would you like to try wearing more often? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

I hope you guys have also had a great week, and if not I hope that the next week treats you better!



All photography in the post was done by Josh Renaud. You can visit his website here (

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