Spring at Cornell

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Hello again!

Wow look at me posting multiple times in a week. It’s almost as if I’m a real blogger! 0019 I’m taking a break from posting Spring Break photos, mainly because the rest are still on my boyfriend’s computer orz When finals are over for him on Wednesday I promise that there will be another set of Madrid photos! 0006

Spring is finally here in Cornell. After half a year of tundra-like conditions, the snow has melted, the ice has disappeared, and sun, shorts, and students have begun to appear on Libe Slope and the Arts Quad. Sometimes you can see people leave their labs and project teams to hang out on the Engineering Quad. I know, it’s surprising and not very often, but sometimes you do get to see your CS, ChemE and ECE friends hanging out in the outdoors. I even saw one of my Architecture friends!

Cornell is absolutely beautiful in the winter, but only from a distance. After weeks of -20F windchill and months of nonstop snow, Spring gets a warm welcome here. The cherry blossoms and magnolias are blossoming and everything just looks brighter. Everyone is always hidden during the winter, but now you can see people reading under the shade of trees, playing frisbee and accidentally hitting people, and practicing some kind of weird joint/couple yoga.

After going to elections for my fraternity (ΑΦΩ  Γ chapter let’s go!!) some of my bros and I took some picture around central campus. Then a couple of my friends and I decided to lie down on the slope, listen to some music, and soak in some of the sun before it set. It was the first truly warm day on campus and I’m so glad that I could spend it hanging out with some of the best friends I could ask for.

Finals week is approaching and my one and only final is the first time slot: Monday 9AM (in addition to a 20 page paper on rhetorical critique of the labor movement due at 4PM 0003), but this weather negates all the stress. I’m honestly so glad to be a part of the Cornell Community and this weather just makes me feel even better.

I hope the week treats you well,

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