Welcome to My Crib: Rosewood Pointe

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Hey guys! Check me out posting two times in a week! Hopefully for the summer I’ll be able to post twice a week. I’ll be posting a lot more style posts (don’t worry, I haven’t lost my way!) as well as restaurant and cafe posts in the next few months. I’ll aim to do do style posts on Wednesdays and everything else on Saturdays! Some exciting news is that when I finally fix my debit card situation (lost it, deactivate it, found it, left the country before I could reactivate ) I’ll be purchasing the domain. You’re about to see me go .com baby!

Around 6 years ago my mom bought a condominium in the Philippines, and it’s my favorite part about going back home, besides seeing my family of course! Rosewood Pointe is part of Acacia Estates in Taguig and it’s extremely close to all the great shopping centers. A cab ride with traffic still costs less than a metro card swipe, so it’s entirely possible to just take a cab every time you want to go out. But besides its convenient proximity to malls, I just think it’s absolutely beautiful.

The condo design is inspired by Japanese architecture and the neighboring complex has a more Korean aesthetic. By the event hall there is a beautiful koi pond that features gold fish and turtles. When the weather isn’t too hot you can see them swim out from under the bridge and splash (the koi like to flip their tails a lot!) around in the sunlight. It’s really calming to watch them play in the water and I’m really grateful that we’re in the Japanese inspired complex so that we can enjoy it!

There’s basketball and tennis courts as well as a small play ground for children to use. When my niece was younger I used to push her on the swings until my arms ached! Between the play areas is a small restaurant that serves drinks (including the alcoholic variety ayy lmao) and light dishes like nachos. Upstairs there’s a larger sitting area as well as a gym that no one in my family uses. And if you go all the way back into the taller building you’ll find an internet cafe and convenience store on the main floor.

In addition to all these amenities, the center piece of the estate is the pool. The blue tiles really make the water pop out in contrast to the cream and dark brown buildings and furnishings. You used to be able to cut across the pool using the bridge, but after earthquakes and storms it’s become too unstable for use. I really hope that they fix for my next visit because I’m looking forward to taking some photos!

I can never get tired of the Philippines and I wish that I could go to back every year!

What’s one place you guys never get tired of visiting? If you can’t go on vacation this summer, what would your dream vacation be?

See you guys soon,

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