White Tennis Skirt

I don’t buy into trends very often, but when I started seeing white tennis skirts popping up everywhere, I knew I had to have one. Not only would it add some variety to my Spring / Summer wardrobe which mainly consists of denim shorts, but it would also give me more chances to wear more … More White Tennis Skirt

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is one of my favorite museums. To me, science is an art, and just like how the Met and MoMA house paintings and sculptures, the Museum of Natural History preserves the beauty of existence. By far my favorite exhibit is their collection of minerals and crystals. The crystals on display come in every color you could imagine, but my favorite thing about them are their structure. When I think of nature I imagine rounded shapes and warmth, but rock formations and crystals have a kind of cool, jagged beauty that I admire. Their geometric shapes always make me feel like I’ve been teleported into the future, even though some of them can be billions of years old. … More Museum of Natural History

TwoFaceMall Review

  Overall:     Ordering from TwoFaceMall was quick and easy! The layout is really user friendly and the process is pretty straight forward. You get free samples with every order and shipping is free. However you do have to pay an extra $3.50 if you want a tracking number and some of their products cost more … More TwoFaceMall Review