I postponed writing this blog post for a couple of weeks because I’m been so absolutely tired. I was keeping up a good energy while traveling up until the last few days, but the second I touched down in Manila, I melted. For the next few days you can catch me taking several naps, reading copious amounts of romance comics, and reviewing my Tagalog notes. In short, I will be one with my bed and couch.

However, no one is reading this blog post to see me complain about being tired. You’re here because you want to see some photos and (maybe) get inspired for your next trip. So on this week’s chapter of “Where in the World Is Jamie?” you can experience Osaka, Japan through my camera lens.

I’m not at the level of a professional traveller who can offer you exciting and helpful tips and tricks, so I’m not going to pretend to be one. Instead, I’m just going to share my various itineraries and photographs of all the places I’ve visited. Maybe one day I’ll be more serious about traveling and blogging, but for now I’m just doing this to have fun. My blog is more of a digital scrapbook anyway.

Day One

8:30 AM Check In @ Osaka Joytel Hotel
9:30 AM Gokuraku-jodo Garden
11:00 AM Shitennoji
12:30 PM Keitakuen Garden
1:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Tsutenkaku
5:00 PM Nambayasaka Shrine
6:30 PM Dotonbori

8:30 AM Check In @ Osaka Joytel Hotel
9:00 AM Shitennoji
10:00 AM Keitakuen Garden
11:30 AM Walk to Tsutenkaku and Have Two-Hour Phone Call with Kevin About Sudan, Anti-Vaxxers, and US Politics
2:00 PM Tsutenkaku
3:30 PM Nap for Three Hours (No Regrets)
7:00 PM Explore Dotonbori and Hozen-ji Yokocho
8:00 PM Eat Okonomiyaki @ Dotonbori

Day Two

7:30 AM Sumiyoshi Taisha
9:00 AM Snack & Coffee
10:00 AM Sakuya Honohana Kan
1:00 PM Snack & Coffee
1:30 PM Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park
3:30 PM Osaka Castle

10:00 AM Breakfast @ Vie De France
10:30 AM Sumiyoshi Taisha
12:00 PM Buy Band-aids Because I Keep Scratching My Bug Bites
12:30 PM Tsurumi Ryokuchi
5:30 PM Buy Athletic Tape for Makeshift First Aid Because I Do Not Know How to Walk

Day Three

7:30 AM Check Out
8:00 AM Snack & Coffee
9:00 AM Mount Tenpo
10:30 AM Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
1:30 PM Commute to Nara

8:30 AM Wake Up Late
9:30 AM Osaka Castle
10:30 AM Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
1:00 PM Go to Mount Tenpo
1:30 PM Realize I Lost My Cardigan, Go to Lost and Found, Lament
2:00 PM Eat Katsudon Sadly
3:00 PM Commute to Nara


On the first day I spent half of the day in my travel attire — a Uniqlo tee, Levis, and Adidas Stan Smiths — and then after I napped and showered, I changed into a silk cami from Grana and grabbed my Aland cardigan (rest in peace). I’m pretty anti-sneaker, but I actually really love my Stans, especially for walking long distances.

On the second day I wore a cropped button down from Bershka, my favorite pants by Stradivarius, and Gap sandals.

On the third day I rose again. Just kidding, I forgot to take a photo, but in my vlog I’m wearing a (DIY) cropped Cornell shirt that I got from my friend Kayla, a Cornell baseball cap, black jeans from Uniqlo, and my cardigan and Stans from before.

I packed pretty minimally and I regret not bringing more shirts, but for ten days I packed two dresses, three tops, one pair of denim shorts, two pairs of pants, and a wrap skirt. My thought process was that I would just mix and match the tops to the bottoms, but I think I should have brought one more shirt and worn the skirt more. But I avoided wearing the skirt because I didn’t want to wear it with sneakers and my sandals were aggravating my foot. 😦


I stayed at Osaka Joytel Hotel which is located within a shopping center. It was a really nice space and the rate wasn’t bad either. I can’t stay anywhere without a private bathroom which is why I opted for hotels while in Japan. It was really convenient to get to via public transportation, but it was a bit far from the places I wanted to visit.

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