F/W 17-18 ASOS Haul

I’ve done a lot of shopping at ASOS recently. I really love ASOS because they have so many petite options from their in house brand as well as the outside brands they carry. However I have noticed that as the years have passed the quality of the clothes has been ever so slightly declining while … More F/W 17-18 ASOS Haul

Cornell Couture Night: Laurence Xu

On Saturday the Cornell Fashion Collective hosted Cornell Couture Night with Laurence Xu. Laurence Xu is one of the most prominent designers in China, having his work on the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan. He blends together the Chinese mythological tales and historical stories of his childhood with Western culture. By combining the silhouettes … More Cornell Couture Night: Laurence Xu

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Hey guys! I’m taking another break from posting Madrid photos because… well… my photos are being held hostage again. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get all my Madrid photos posted. But I definitely will try. Meanwhile, I’m spending four weeks in my favorite place in the world: the Philippines! While I’m here I’ll try to … More Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Spring at Cornell

    Hello again! Wow look at me posting multiple times in a week. It’s almost as if I’m a real blogger! I’m taking a break from posting Spring Break photos, mainly because the rest are still on my boyfriend’s computer orz When finals are over for him on Wednesday I promise that there will … More Spring at Cornell

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is one of my favorite museums. To me, science is an art, and just like how the Met and MoMA house paintings and sculptures, the Museum of Natural History preserves the beauty of existence. By far my favorite exhibit is their collection of minerals and crystals. The crystals on display come in every color you could imagine, but my favorite thing about them are their structure. When I think of nature I imagine rounded shapes and warmth, but rock formations and crystals have a kind of cool, jagged beauty that I admire. Their geometric shapes always make me feel like I’ve been teleported into the future, even though some of them can be billions of years old. … More Museum of Natural History