Modcloth Shoe Haul + Style

I recently bought three pairs of shoes off Modcloth, and I was so excited when they arrived! The first pair I bought was the Patent Office Heel in Ruby. I’m a big fan of stiletto heels, but I find it hard to find the perfect pair. If I get shoes in my size (5.5) I often find that they are too wide and my feet end up slipping, and if I order them a size down (5) then they’re perfect width wise but my toes get cramped. That’s why I love that these shoes have straps on them! My feet fit comfortably and the straps prevent my feet from slipping and crushing my toes.

While stilettos are often considered formal shoes, wearing them with a casual outfit adds a little pop to your everyday wear.  Here I’m wearing them with a high waisted faux leather skirt and a comfy white and black quarter length T with sleeves rolled up. I love the pop of color the shoes add to my otherwise monochrome outfit.


 The next pair of shoes I got were the Peach Picking Flats. I got them in a 5.5 and boy were they tight!


Other than the sizing, these shoes are absolutely perfect. Most of the brown shoes I have tend to be on the unsaturated side so these burnt sienna shoes provide a nice break from the norm. In addition to their coloring, they have beautiful wicker detailing that adds a little umpf to some otherwise basic shoes.

I tried to go for a scholarly look by matching these shoes with a plaid skirt and a collared tank that I tailored. Wearing oxfords with a button up made this outfit feel a bit plain so I tried something new by unbuttoning a good portion of my shirt to create a more daring and feminine look.



This last pair of shoes were something I’ve been looking for for a while. There are lots of white lace oxfords, but having tiny feet gets rid of 90% of the selection. Naturally, I was excited when Modcloth had these in stock (and on sale!).



The lace detailing on these shoes open it up to lots of feminine clothing and light colors. Finding clothes to match was a bit of a challenge because these shoes are a nice pure white while most of my whites are ivory or off-white. That just means I have an excuse to buy more clothes, right? Heh.

IMG_9669_99 IMG_9697_113 IMG_9637_81

Photographs and video by Sharon (teenboyfriend).

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